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Stephen McBride for Boston City Council District 3
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Meet Stephen

Hi, I’m Stephen McBride! I am running for Boston City Council to be a new and bold advocate for District 3. There is an acceptance of the status quo from our current city councilor that has left too many of our friends and neighbors behind. I am running to change that. I am championing an equitable COVID-19 recovery; every child’s access to a high-quality public education; and your right to safe, stable, and affordable housing. My platform is about YOU and your future here in Boston.

Boston is my home. Not the home that I was born to, but the home that I chose. It's a city full of purpose and promise. A city that led the way in declaring that love is love. A city that is built for and by the people that make it the unique hub that it is. For the last 13 years, since stepping foot on Northeastern’s campus, Boston is the community that has embraced me and I’ve embraced it back. My husband, Matt, and I live in Dorchester with our dog Pru where we hope and plan to be able to raise a family. 

I want to advocate for the wide variety of people who live in District 3, from those who were raised in Dorchester and Boston, to the transplants like myself from across the country, to the over 40% of residents born outside of the U.S. that chose Boston to be their home. I want to bring these diverse perspectives together. What we all have in common is that we love our city and want to make it better. 

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I strive to be an empathetic leader - I put myself in others’ shoes and try to see the world through their eyes. I pride myself on listening, hearing points of view that are different from my own, and incorporating them into my worldview. I believe that the government is there to serve its people and listen to the community’s needs. As a member of the Jones Hill Community Association, a former SPARK Council member, and an Americorps Alum that worked at the Dimmock Preschool in Roxbury, I have a proven track record of caring for and working within my communities to raise them up. 

I learned from my parents - a police officer and a nurse - that we can only be better when we work together. I am committed to working with my colleagues in City Hall and up the street on Beacon Hill to press for a Boston that serves everyone. We should not be constrained by what has been and not be afraid to challenge the status quo.

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2020 has brought into sharp focus a reality that many have faced for decades - that opportunity is not given equally and we still have a long way to go. The past year has brought us to a crossroads - we can continue on the same path or chart a new one to the future.  I’m running for office because I have a fundamentally different view of the changes our community needs than the person currently in this role. I believe that the City Council should be here to push for structural change. And that's why I want to be your city councilor. 

To be a voice for institutional change.  To listen to my neighbors, hear your concerns, and understand your needs. To be open and accessible, transparent and accountable.  To be your voice in City Hall.

I'm excited for everything that we can do for Boston, together.

On the Issues

Stephen believes that Boston should be a city where the chance to succeed is equal for every resident and where every voice is heard.

It won't be easy, but we're in this together.  We can lead the tides of change for Boston.

Education Policies


Supporting our schools is foundational for our future. Stephen firmly believes that every student deserves access to high-quality public education and that we must address the systemic inequalities in our educational system.
Public Health Policies

Public Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted healthcare inequities from disparate rates of death based on race to unequal access to the vaccine. We must address these and other public health crises including the opioid epidemic. 
Climate Justice Politices

Housing & Development

 Boston must have a comprehensive city plan to protect against over-development. As part of this, Stephen will push for policies that protect renters, enable more residents to own their own home, and increase housing permanence.

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