Stephen's Vision for District 3  

"I believe in a bold, progressive Boston. We must put forward a strategy to ensure this is a city where every Bostonian can lead their best life. But looking ahead is not enough - we must also reckon with the policies and institutions that have led us to where we are. Our systems are broken and we must change them. I pledge to work for the residents of District 3 - and all of Boston - to ensure that we continue to create change for everyone." 


Small Business and COVID Recovery

Small businesses are the heart of District 3. From Mass Ave in the South End through Dot Ave in Lower Mills, these business have borne the brunt of COVID-19. We must continue to support their recovery and help Boston build back stronger than before. While supporting our existing businesses, we must also make it easier for new business to begin and ensure that City Hall does not stand in the way of anyone building their dream.


Every student across District 3 deserves access to a high-quality public education. Black and Hispanic students continue to underperform their white peers in testing**. We must address the systemic issues that lead to these disparities early on and combat them early on, investing in our schools and our students. Access to STEM education, providing equal access to digital materials, and investing in vocational education will ensure that students across this city are empowered to thrive in properly funded schools.

Climate Justice

Lined by the Neponset River and Boston Harbor and stretching to the Harbor Islands, District 3 will disproportionately bear the consequences of climate change. We have made progress, but must continue to raise the bar. We must build a sustainable waterfront that is connected to inland neighborhoods creating an open space destination for all Bostonians. We must invest in sustainable transit and push to reduce Boston's carbon footprint to protect the city for future generations and ensure that the burden of these changes are no longer placed on our communities of color.

Public Health

In addition to providing equitable health access for all, we must work to address the underlying factors that lead District 3 to have the highest rates of premature mortality in the city (page 13). The COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted that our healthcare system does not work equally for all residents. 

District 3 runs from Long Island to the intersection of Melnea Cass and Mass Ave, bringing into sharp focus the impacts of the opioid epidemic.  We must continue the push to reopen the recovery centers on Long Island while increasing access to shelters and recovery centers for those that need them in the meantime. 

Closing the Racial Wealth Gap

The median net worth of white Bostonians is 30,938 times greater than that of their Black neighbors - $247,000 to just $8 (page 87). Eight dollars. Though it may not be intentional, a gap this large is not accidental. Creating avenues for wealth, including home ownership and business investment, and focusing on the recovery from COVID-19 will be instrumental in addressing the racial wealth gap. 

Affordable Housing

Boston is growing - twice as fast as the rest of the nation in the past decade. The median household income in Boston is just above that of the rest of the country, but the median home value is almost 2.5 times higher (page 92). We must continue to invest in affordable housing across the city, protect our renters, and fight the effects that systemic racism and policies like redlining have had on District 3.

Engaged Governance

You deserve to know what City Hall is doing for you. Your voice will take us there and will be heard while we serve. Listening sessions and community meetings will be a part of both our campaign and time in City Hall. Share your vision for Boston here.

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, he will ensure that Boston continues to lead the way in protecting their rights and that the voices of everyone in the community are heard. He will also continue to push against the systemic issues that have lead to such disparate inequality in the city. 

District 3 is an expansive, diverse cross-section of Boston. Ensuring that this campaign and its seat in City Hall are transparent and represent the entirety of the District is core to Stephen's mission. 

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